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IWC Replica Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Edition

The first IWC Aquatimer Replica Watches appeared in the wrist of the diver in 1967, which is the IWC’s response to the growing demand for diving watches. Now, fifty years later, it has become one of the more popular series of IWC. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Aquatimer, IWC has released a special limited edition – Deep Breath – IWC Aquatimer Permanent Calendar Digital Date – Monthly “50 Years Aquatimer”. To make it more prominent, it uses a whole – the new alloy is called Ceratanium.

Material innovation has always been a popular way for watch brands to compete with competitors, according to IWC, Ceratanium is an alloy that took five years to be used correctly. The end result is the combination of titanium brightness and corrosion resistance with ceramic hardness and scratch resistance – which is also quite light. Ceratanium’s innovations and uses are appropriate because they seem to refer to the history of the first Swiss-made titanium watch made in 2000 by Replica Watches China and Porsche Design in 1982. The honor of the first titanium watch is actually 600 meters for Seiko professional divers, but this is another story of the day.

While Ceratanium sounds cool, but we will keep our judgment until we handle the actual watch. Combining materials to create new materials is not entirely new. Humbo has been a blend of gold and ceramics for many years to make Magic Gold, carbon fiber and aluminum to make Texalium, as well as magnesium and aluminum to give us IWC Replica. In addition, the ceramic is not very important, so I do not know how much it will benefit from the mixing of titanium, or will affect the appearance and texture of the material.

IWC Aquatimer Permanent Calendar Digital Date – Monthly “50 years Aquatimer” watch Ceratanium shell size is 49 mm wide, with matte black surface, IWC said very similar to the ceramic. The watch is not only wide, but also has a thickness of about 19mm. For these measurements, light materials may be necessary. In order to tie in this situation, the watch will come with a black rubber strap. Water resistance of 100 meters, suitable for swimming and shallow water diving, absolutely minimum breathing diving watch. I think as a member of the Aquatimer series,IWC Replica Watches the waterproof performance of at least 200 meters, but such a fancy watch will appear so complicated costs, generally have to be handled with care.

Since this is a Aquatimer, it also has an IWC SafeDive system, which is a clever diving bezel. The owner rotates the baffle, just like a regular dive watch, but because of some clever equipment, it will rotate the inner baffle.

The power supply for the watch is Caliber 89802, it is automatically on the chain, beating at 4Hz, power reserve 44 hours. Replica Watches has been using other watches for years, such as IWC Ingenieur Calendar Digital Date – Month, you will notice that due to the movement of the layout, you will notice a very similar dial design. Movement through the sapphire display can be seen, some components, such as the rotor and some bridges, have been blackened to match the black situation.

All Considerations, IWC Aquatimer Calendar Digital Date – Monthly “50 Years Aquatimer” is a suitable celebration of the 50th anniversary of Aquatimer’s founding. Considering the history of IWC Titanium and Ceramics, using Ceratanium is appropriate, the watch is very cool after all. In other words, the complexity of the diving Cheap IWC Replica in the calendar is unnecessary, because unless it is Namor’s Sub-Mariner, or how many people stay in the water for a long time, need to tell them what day?

Replica Watches IWC Celebrates the Aquatimer with New Case Material

With the release of the IWC Aquatimer Replica Watches calendar date this month – monthly “50 years Aquatimer”, the world’s limited only 50, located in Schaffhausen’s IWC brand not only to commemorate its Aquatimer diving watch grand fiftieth anniversary, but also Its ticket into the exclusive watch company club, the introduction of new materials tabulation.

This new material is called Ceratanium, which can be obtained from its name – ceramic and titanium composites, with the former hardness and scratch resistance, while also retaining the latter’s brightness and ruggedness; its unique scrub Black surface also has a high rating on skin resistance and corrosion resistance.Swiss Replica IWC material experts took five years to develop the alloy, and the expected results debut on this special edition, in this special edition, Aquatimer celebrated for half a century mark, Aquatimer is a pioneer in the diving watch, then Originally debuted in 1967, its 200 meters waterproof and within the rotating bezel. The combination of ceramic and titanium in the new composite is also appropriate because the Swiss Replica Watches played an important role in bringing these two materials to the watchmaking industry in the 1980s.

The dark brown Ceratanium shell has a diameter of 49 mm and a thickness of 19.5 mm, and the sapphire crystals protruding above the dial have been treated with both non-reflective coatings. As with the Aquatimer series after its revision in 2014, it is equipped with an external / internal rotary bezel for diving time, used in conjunction with the Replica IWC proprietary SafeDive system to ensure that it can only be adjusted when the external baffle is rotated counterclockwise Internal baffle, thus preventing the submarine from moving accidentally and adding extra protection to the diver to keep traces of underwater diving. Black rubber strap with a quick replacement system, so that the wearer can easily exchange with another strap.

Dial is mainly black, with white and red highlights, showing the complications of this watch. The date and month are numerically represented, and because the watch is a calendar, it automatically identifies a different month or even a leap year, so there is no need to adjust the date until 2100, as long as the Replica Watches remains running. In addition to the calendar, the watch is also equipped with a retrace chronograph function, at 12 o’clock in a single subtotal time, after a few hours and a few minutes.

The movement that drives all of these functions is the Caliber 89802 manufactured by IWC, and its Replica Watches China has several components, including its winding rotor-black coating, in harmony with the overall matte black appearance. Sapphire display behind the show, this automatic winding movement has 51 jewelry, 28,800vph frequency, 68 hours power reserve.